“Matthew Scott’s Subconscious is a gripping chiller, full of ghostly voices, lies, secrets and mystery. And it is scary as hell! Great storytelling through and through, with perfect control over an inexorably mounting sense of dread that makes it impossible to stop reading. Be warned, this book is going to haunt you.”
-Joe McKinney, author of Apocalypse of the Dead and Flesh Eaters
“Matthew Scott grounds a suspenseful tale in believable characters caught in a murderous town’s mysteries.  With a deft hand, Scott turns up the psychological/paranormal heat to keep the reader turning pages to unravel a town’s bloody subconscious.”
-Gerard Houarner, author of A Blood of Killers and The Oz Suite
“The voices in your head are telling you what to do, and in this visceral thriller, Matthew Scott weaves a frightening tale of sanity lost to violent acts that can’t be undone.”
—Richard Thomas, author of Transubstantiate
“Eerie and murderously mysterious, Matthew Scott’s Subconscious paints a turbulent town more wicked than Castle Rock.”
– S.D. Hintz, author of Blood Orchard

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